the Pit

Lonn's basement mancave.

Lab & Fab

Kick-start a Kids' Makerspace (Make magazine article)


Autodesk 123D free creation software

Evil Mad Scientist

Grizzly interactive Workshop Planner

Hack a Day

Hack N Mod - Amazingly Cool Hacks, Mods, and DIY Projects

Hacked Gadgets


i.materialise 3D printing service


MakerShed of Make Magazine

MtM--Machines That Make from MIT

Ponoko - Featured designs

Shapeways 3D printing service

Sprites mods - hacks


Victoria Makerspace



3D Printing

Development Tracker

Filabot plastic recycling and filament extruder

B9 Creator DLP printer


NetFabb software



Printrun page on RepRap wiki


Voxel Factory Montreal based filament supplier

Yahoo DIY 3D print/Fab group



5 Bears - CNC Bench Mill

8020 CNC Machine


Build Your Idea

CamBam software

CNC Mentor homepage

Doughty Drive

GRBL Arduino alternative to parallel-port-based motion control for CNC

Novakon Systems Ltd

Snap-together CNC mill from MIT



TI opensource hardware BeagleBoard

Bench top power supply from ATX

Circuit Specialists - Components & Supplies...

Dangerous Prototypes

Computer Controlled Laser Show

MakeHackVoid makerspace's 30-min PCB technique

Mouser (Canada)

PCBs--Inkjet Printed Circuit Board Printing

Direct resist printing

PCBs--Laser Toner Transfer

PCBs--solder paste stenciling

Smartphone garage door opener

SparkFun Electronics


Laser Cutting

MicroSlice LC Kit DIY CO2 Laser cutter/engraver

Lasersaur open source laser cutter project

Pocket Laser Engraver intructable


Metal Fab

backyard metalcasting

Brazing Handbook

Build Your Idea

Gingery Books make a metal shop from scrap!


Powder Coating DIY (translates from German)



Cricut Hacking Wiki

DIY George & Basic shapes cart

Cyclonic dust extractor

Bill Pentz' dust collection research on cyclonics

Diplodocs - Find your user manual

Fab in a Box

Fairy Cut no longer supports Cricut

Laser Pointer Hacks

Math Open Reference

NetFabb software

Neubauplan machine design articles

OpenSCAD - The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller

Plating on plastics

Seeed Studio Bazaar

Spray Booth

Spoonflower custom printed fabrics

This to That (glue advice)



Matter and Form scanner

My 3D Scanner on-line photo --> point cloud

MeshLab Stuff


Tools & Supplies

80-20 Inc. - The Industrial Erector Set®

Instrumentation store (CAD$)

Lightobject has CO2 mirrors/lenses/mounts


Metal Supermarkets

MicroMark Tools

Precision World Microscopes (eBay)



The Surplus Shed

Wicked Lasers